Oil containment booms

Do you want to remove an oil spill on water as quickly as possible? Our absorbent oil containment booms can soak up spilled oil. We deliver high-quality oil containment booms in any size.

Properties of oil containment booms

An oil containment boom only absorbs the oil in case of a spill, not the water. This allows you to efficiently clean up spilled oil and other hydrocarbons. Our oil containment booms have a high absorption capacity and can ensure rapid containment. They float on the water. When they are fully saturated, they continue to stick out above the water surface. They are equipped with metal hooks and rings, so you can easily secure them to your vessel. In addition to oil, our oil containment booms also absorb other spilled products in surface water. They are an excellent solution in the event of a spill of hazardous substances.

Oil containment boom advice

Would you like to know more about oil containment booms? Then please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to visit you without obligation to assess your situation. We can also provide training to explain the use of the oil containment boom, so that you and your crew are well-prepared. If you wish, this can be in the form of a hands-on training.

Oil containment screens and booms

On large open water, we recommend using oil containment booms in combination with oil containment screens. The oil containment screen changes the direction of the oil to prevent it from spreading. The oil containment boom then absorbs it. This allows you to act fast and adequately during an incident.

Oil spill incident

Do you want to tackle surface water pollution as soon as possible? We can be reached 24/7 for incident control. In addition to incident control we can also take care of the clean-up if you wish.


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