Sweeping arms

Are you looking for a sweeping arm for your (oil spill response) vessel? MRD marinesupport has developed the MRD-515. This sweeping arm is the ultimate equipment to effectively clean up oil and other pollutiion from the water surface. It is stronger and lighter than conventional arms. This gives the product a longer lifespan. It also has a number of clever innovations, making the arm easier and even more effective in use. 


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Offshore and inshore

The MRD-515 is a must-have for the coast guard, government agencies and other marine incident response organizations. It can be assembled in a quick and easy way and is suitable for use both offshore and inshore.

Plastic Soup 

Our sweeper arm is not only suitable for clearing oil and other chemicals, it can also be applied in removal of the plastic soup in the oceans. 

You can remove various types and sizes of plastics from the water and in this way contribute to a cleaner environment. In collaboration with governments and other parties, we are now also working on innovative solutions to more effective remove microplastics.


Customized sweeper arm

The MRD-515 is available in various designs, sizes and materials. We gladly work together to provide you with a sweeper arm which fits all your needs and requirements.


Are you interested in the MRD-515? Please contact us for more information. We are happy to inform you about this advanced sweeping arm.

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