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Maritime services on and near the water

For work activities on the water, ask us about our maritime service provision ranging from salvage to tackling floating waste, and from oil pollution response to cone penetration tests. We use our utility ship, the MRD Hunter, and our other equipment to carry out the work you need doing. What is more, we have always been specialists in incident response and prevention on or near the water, and this will not change.

Our maritime services are provided with the help of our ship the MRD Hunter. This former Navy vessel has been converted into a utility ship. It has retained its stern ramp, which we use to load heavy equipment.


Maritime services

We offer a wide range of activities as part of the maritime services we can provide. You can count on us for tackling oil pollution and calamity responses, but also for mowing, repairs and salvaging shipwrecks. We also use the MRD Hunter for cone penetration testing and taking seabed samples. Our clients include the National Waterways and Highways Agency: our task is to asses floating waste by way of visual inspection on the water.

Our many years of experience in marine support and incident response means MRD Marinesupport can offer a wealth of knowledge related to safety on the water. This expertise is perfect for maritime services. We are able to anticipate unexpected incidents that may occur during work activities and even carry out emergency repairs. There is always a risk of (oil) leakage when salvaging damaged ships. Your shipwreck salvage is in good hands, thanks to our competence in oil and calamity response. We undertake salvage work in collaboration with other organisations, such as the National Waterways and Highways Agency and the Marine Police.


MRD Marine support Maritime services

MRD Marinesupport is specialised in incident response and prevention. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we are equipped to resolve any marine incidents quickly and properly. Chemicals, oil and other hazardous materials are always present on ships and in terminals. It is always preferable to protect employees and the environment by prevent incidents in the first place. If an incident does occur, it is important to be aware of the actions that are required to resolve it safely. For this reason, MRD Marinesupport provides training courses on both contamination prevention and incident response methods.

In addition to maritime services and training, we provide a wide range of spill response products of the very highest quality. From sweeping arms and spill kits to depth gauge signs and cleaning materials. We value innovation, and we are always involved in the latest developments and optimisations of existing products.

Do you require MRD Marinesupport for maritime services or one of our other areas of expertise? Contact us for more information. 

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