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Absorption cloths to remove oil

There may be incidents involving oil or other liquids on board ships. The goal is always to solve this quickly, but well. Oil stains can be easily removed with absorbent cloths. These oil-absorbing cloths do not absorb water, making them ideal cleaning agents on ships.

Cleaning up oil is a tedious cleaning activity. In combination with water, industrial liquids such as oil, petrol and greases are difficult to remove. Absorption cloths offer the solution. They are hydrophobic and therefore insensitive to moisture. An additional advantage for use in shipping is that the oil-absorbing cloths are poorly flammable. This prevents dangerous situations on board.


Absorption cloths

Oil absorbent cloths are ideal for absorbing oil in places where water is also present, such as when removing floating oil stains on the water. These oil-absorbing cloths can also be used on deck, for example in rainy weather. The absorbent cloths can absorb up to 1 liter of liquid and they can be used several times. In addition to a sustainable investment, these cloths are environmentally friendly, in contrast to absorption granules.

The absorption cloths are specially made to absorb only oil and hydrocarbons. Other liquids and even rainwater are not absorbed by the oil absorbent cloths. The oil absorption cloths are made of polypropylene, which is also what our oil booms are made of. That is an unprocessed petroleum distillate in granular form. The cloths made of polypropylene can absorb more liquid if the structure of the absorbent cloths is more open. The absorption volume of an absorption cloth can be up to 25 times its own weight.

Absorption mats

The floor can be covered during a repair. Absorption cloths can be supplied as rolls and mats, among other things. Ask MRD marine support about the possibilities. To ensure that the mats do not fluff when walked on, they can be provided with melting points. This creates a lint-free cloth.

Oil absorbent cloths

With these oil-absorbing cloths, the heaviest dirt can be removed. From oil splashes to fats and from petrol to asphalt splashes. The absorption cloths are also suitable for cleaning your hands from dirt, even if the cloths have already absorbed oil. They only absorb the oil and other industrial fluids.

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Cleaning products

In the shipping industry it is important to have high-quality cleaning agents on board. This way you are prepared for possible incidents involving oil, chemicals or other pollutants. We supply a wide range of biodegradable cleaners that will help you thoroughly clean your vessel, keeping it a safe working environment.

Would you like more information about absorption cloths? Then contact MRD marine support. We specialize in incident response and prevention. Thanks to its extensive knowledge and experience, MRD marine support is able to deal with all water-related incidents quickly and adequately. Is there an incident on your ship or is there a problem in your terminal? Call us for advice and support. MRD marine support is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and is always available.

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