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Drip trays

A drip tray can significantly reduce, or even prevent, consequential damage. We deliver high-quality drip trays in a variety of sizes. Using a drip tray ensures that you comply with relevant regulations that stipulate that you must immediately intercept drops, spills and leakages of oil and other hazardous substances.

Drip trays for the workplace

Drip trays are required for workplaces and terminals where hazardous substances are used. The number of litres of such substances must be equal to the volume of the drip tray(s). That way, you run virtually no risk of spills outside the drip tray(s).

Customised metal and plastic drip trays

We can deliver customised metal and plastic drip trays. Do you have specific requirements, such as wheels, handlebars or slots? Everything is possible. We can even provide folding drip trays that are easy to transport.

lekbak olie morsing
lekbak olie morsing

With respect to the material used, there are also numerous possibilities. For example, we can provide anti-static drip trays, that severely limit the chances of ignition. Our range also includes polypropylene drip trays. These are resistant to acids and alkalis.

Types of drip trays

We offer drip trays in various shapes and sizes:

  • Plastic drip tray with PE grid
  • Plastic drip tray, polypropylene
  • Plastic drip tray, high-density polyethylene
  • Plastic drip tray with handlebar and wheels
  • Anti-static oil containment tray
  • Steel-lacquered drip tray
  • Galvanized steel drip tray
  • Customised drip trays
  • etc.

Are you interested in an oil drip tray? Or a drip tray for another hazardous substance? Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

Aid in case of calamities

In the unlikely event that you use our drip tray(s) but still suffer consequential damage, you can contact us to come and clean it up. We can be reached 24/7 for emergencies.


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