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Cleaning agents

MRD Marinesupport offers a broad selection of biodegradable cleaning agents for the thorough removal of contaminations of various nature and extent. Amongst others our selection consists of:

  • MRD Oil Spill Concentrate
  • MRD Ship Shampoo
  • MRD Power Wipes
  • MRD Heavy Remover

MRD Oil Spill Concentrate

With this detergent oil and other pollutants can be removed from the ship's deck, your garage and other (work) areas and surfaces. The concentrate is supplied in small bottles and needs dilution with water before use. If required we can also provide for e.g. 25 liter canisters with a –ready to use – pre-mixed cleaning solution.

MRD ship shampoo

This biodegradable ship shampoo contains besides cleaning components a wax. The wax protects and ensures that your ship will shine. You thus removes dirt and fouling and at the same times a shining result. Eyecandy…

MRD Power Wipes

With these cleaning cloths you can remove the most persisting contaminants: oil spatters, asphalt splashes, you name it. The power wipes are also suitable for cleaning your hands from dirt. Quality? Just like you are used to from MRDmarinesupport.

MRD Heavy Remover

When you use this spray can, the contaminated object will be completely clean within a short time. The dirt just drips off the vessel. This spray can does not contain acetone, which is unique for its kind. It is therefore a much friendlier and safer product for your work spot and that whilst achieving a better result.

Our cleaning agents are developed and complsed on the basis of years of experience with an eye for environment and safety of the user. Also in this field we are continuously innovating and improving.


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