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Sweeping arms from MRD

Sweeping arms are increasingly playing a more important role in tackling environmental pollution. Oil spills, plastic soup and other forms of environmental pollution unfortunately are not incidents but a continuous problem. Together with you MRD Marine support will find a solution. You with your ship, we with our support products. Sweeping arms for example. Our sweeping arms are the ideal equipment for your vehicle to remove oil, plastics and other polluting products and chemicals effectively from the water surface.

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Sweeping arms for offshore and inshore

  • MRD marine support makes sweeping arms for both offshore and inshore use. We distinguish between three types:
  • Sweeping arms for use in sea specially developed for rough circumstance and big surfaces
  • Sweeping arms for rivers flexible and efficient for the removal of dirt on the water and around the banks
  • Sweeping arms for small areas of water many sweeping arms cannot be used in shallow waters, but MRD marine support developed a special sweeping arm which makes this possible.

Innovation in sweeping arms

MRD marine support is always looking for improvements in order to develop even better, more efficient, sustainable and effective sweeping arms. We look for materials that innovative, better constructions and we optimize techniques.

Lightweight sweeping arms
Our search for innovation led us to develop, amongst others, our lightweight sweeping arms. These are lighter in weight and of stronger material than that usually used in sweeping arms. This makes our sweeping arms more sustainable and they have a longer lifespan.

In terms of innovation, we always try to collaborate with other parties when this is possible. We work, among other things, together with governments and (environmental) organizations. For example, at the moment we are working together to find a suitable solution for removing microplastics from water.

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Sweeping arms with Smart Applications

In many cases, responding quickly to environmental pollution is essential. As coastguard, governmental institution or incident response team you have to start work immediately. That is why while developing our sweeping arms, apart from sustainably and effectivity, we also consider user-friendliness. Our sweeping arms are developed in such a way that they are easy to mount and to operate.

  • Instalment, after developing your sweeping arms MRD marine support will also take care of putting them into operation. We developed smart applications to make sure the (de) mounting and use is as easy as possible.
  • Training, during a training for your staff, we will clearly explain how everything works, what the different functions are and how some things can be used in different circumstances, such as pollution, location and weather conditions.

Sweeping Arms tailor-made

The Sweeping arms by MRD are available in various versions, materials and sizes. In fact, the sweeping arms are completely custom made, altered according to your requirements and your vessel. We will discuss your activities and advise you which sweeping arm, what material and what techniques will suit you best. After this, we will take measurements of everything on location and we will manufacture completely tailor-made sweeping arms for your ship. 

Expertise in incident response

As experts in incident response and avoidance, MRD can give you optimal advice and support. We would love to find the ideal solutions to your problems together with you. Sweeping arms could be a part of this solution. Would you like to know more about our sweeping arms and/or other products and services that MRD marine support delivers? Please do contact us. We would love to tell you all about it.


Are you interested in sweeping arms? Please contact us for more information. We are happy to inform you about this advanced sweeping arm.

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