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Bridge height scales

MRD marinesupport is supplier of plastic (front) height scales indicating the height of a bridge on basis of the water height. Our height scales consist of a number of features that benefit quality and sustainability. Our service may include the entire package of customization, manufacturing and installation of the scale conform your criteria. 

Sustainable material

Our plastic (front) height scales are made of plastic from recycled material. This sustainable material is derived from plastic that has been collected from the water. By the use of this material we thus jointly contribute to the circular economy as well as in reducing the ’plastic soup’ in the oceans. Further, the material is very smooth, resulting in a significant reduction in growth of algal and other organisms and making the scale better resistant to weather influences.. Consequently the scales only require a 1 or 2 times cleaning per year, compared to a 4 times per year cleaning requirement of conventional steel scales to remain optimally in service to shipping.

Apart from a positive contribution to the environment the use of our signs thus also result in a positive effect on costs involved.

We list the advantages of our plastic (for) height scales:

  • 100 percent recyclable
  • less growth of alga and organisms
  • better resistancy against weather influences
  • lower cleaning interval
  • longer and better visible, which contributes to safety
  • resistant to wear and tear

Customized height scale plates 

The scales may be manufactured following known dimensions or dimensions derived by measurements which we may obtain for you.

We design and manufacture the plastic (front) height scale in conformance with the relevant guidelines and regulations of the maritime infrastructure. When ready we may install the scale at location. Because of our full-service strategy you are ‘worry-free’.

Are your existing (conventional) scales not yet due for replacement, but due require regular cleaning and/or maintenance? We may offer you our services to take care of this cleaning (in an environmental friendly manner) and maintenance on an (annual) contract basis. Of course this service is also available for the cleaning of plastic scales.


Are you interested in an environmental responsible, maintenance friendly and sustainable customized plastic (front) height scale? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to discuss your wishes and possibilities. As such together we can contribute to the safety of the waterways in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. 

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