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Safety when working on and around the water

Working on and around the water can be risky. The weather can change, material can show defects and there are more circumstances that can cause dangerous situations. That is why MRD Marinesupport offers various services to support safety during work on and around the water. Here you can read how the MRD rescue boats can be used for the safety of you or your employees.

Safe working environment on and around the water and associated legislation

Specific legislation applies to a large number of activities on and around the water. However, this depends on the work itself. Consider, for example, the difference between working on waterworks, working on a ship and diving work (working under overpressure).

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The Working Conditions Act does state that employers must ensure a safe working environment at all times. For example, the materials and work equipment must be safe, the employees must be instructed about the dangers of working on or around water and they must be able to rescue a colleague who falls into the water or becomes hypothermic. The following measures are required for this:

  • Assess in advance how the work can be carried out safely along, on or near the water
  • Provide safe machines that are suitable for the job
  • Provide a safe working method
  • Match the knowledge and experience of employees to the dangers of the work
  • The rescue boats of MRD Marinesupport can help with this.

Hire lifeboat services

MRD Marinesupport has a number of rescue boats with which we offer support services:

  • Support for work on the water
  • Stand-by during work on or along the water
  • Assistance at events

You can rent our resque boats with or without crew. This way you have the option to hire crew with long or short term contracts. If you want to use your own crew, you can simply rent one of our boats without a crew. Moreover, because of these options and the three different boats, you always have the right boat for your available budget and the work that is required.

Lifeboat services and other maritime services

In addition to the rescue boats to support lifeboat services, MRD Marinesupport offers even more maritime services. These are non-port-related services for which specialist knowledge of the maritime sector is required. This mainly concerns services for the use of ships, but also incident response and prevention. Think about:

  • Oil and disaster response
  • Mowing, repairs and recovery of wrecks
  • Inventory floating debris by sailing inspection rounds

We also take soil samples, carry out soundings and provide assistance and support with the lifeboat services.

Contact and more information

Would you like to know more about incident response, maritime services and the supporting lifeboat services that MRD Marinesupport offers? Then don't hesitate to contact us. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can solve all water-related issues quickly and with precision.
Also take a look at the possibilities for our shipping assistance and the products we offer.

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