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Oil containment screens

Do you require protection against the adverse effects of oil spills? Our oil containment screens are exactly what you need. They reverse the direction of oil in the event of an oil spill. The purchase of an oil containment screen is quite an investment, of course, but it is certainly cheaper than the costs of any potential spill damages. Our oil containment screens also contain other hazardous substances.

Oil containment screens in all shapes and sizes

The standard length of an oil containment screen is 25 meters. However, we can deliver them in any size or shape since they are hand-made to measure. Whether you need an oil containment screen that measures 3, 15 or 35 meters: we can provide it to you. The design and production of our high-quality oil containment screens are based on 35 years of experience. The materials used to make our oil containment screens include PVC and rubber. Rubber has a very high tensile strength.

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Oil containment screen advice

Are you considering the purchase of an oil containment screen and looking for some advice? We would be happy to visit you without obligation to determine which oil containment screen would best suit your situation. We can also provide training to explain the use of an oil containment screen.

In addition to oil containment screens, we provide floating barriers to contain e.g.:

  • sludge,
  • duckweed,
  • plastic (to solve plastic soup issues),
  • drift waste.

Oil spill incident

Are you currently dealing with an oil spill or other form of surface water pollution? Call us and we will solve your problem. We can be reached 24/7 for incident control. If necessary, we will bring our own oil containment screen. If you wish, we can also take care of the clean-up.

We can also deliver anti-terrorism barriers: floating cables with barbed wire.


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