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'Tailor-made' Spill kits

For the protection of the safety of your employees and the environment, a spill kit is a necessity, in particular where dangerous and/or polluting substances are being handled. We supply tailor made spill kits. These kits meet the requirements set in the IMOOPA90 and SOPEP regulations. We supply spill kits containing varying equipment in various sizes and therefore have applications for vessels, terminals and factories, but also for cranes, shovels, forklift trucks and other industrial sites in the broadest sense.

Customized spill kits

We manufacture tailor-made spill kits. Thanks to our years of experience, we can assess exactly what you need. With our products at hand during an incident you can contain and prevent further spread of chemicals, oil and other polluting substances once released.

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Training spill kits

It is important to train your employees in the use of spill kits. This enables them to intervene quickly and adequately during an incident. We organize tailor-made training courses: from theory courses to major oil control exercises. Testing and certification afterwards may be included in the training package. The goal of our training is raising awareness with regard to safety of your employees and the environment as well as bringing their skills in incident response to a higher level.

Maintenance of spill kit

Ensuring your spill kit remains fully deployable at all times requires a certain duty of care. We offer to take over this care on a contract basis. Options include a periodical check and/or 24/7 availability to replace the various consumables when used.

In addition to spill kits, we provide for other products enabeling to contain spilled pollutants, such as: 

  • oil booms and absorbing screens
  • several absorption solutions to contain or dissolve spilled chemicals 
  • oil skimmers
  • ball lines and other marking lines 
  • solutions against blue-green algae
  • sealing plugs in various sizes
  • Spill containment trays
spill kit mrd
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spill kit
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Are you considering to acquire the means and materials to contain and fight the consequences of possible pollution incidents ? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to support you with an evaluation and advise to come to the most effective and efficient solution possible.

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