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Shipping assistance by MRD Marinesupport

Are you looking for equipment for on the water to provide shipping assistance? Then you can contact MRD Marinesupport. Our multifunctional patrol vessels, the MRD Commander and MRD Navigator are extremely suitable for shipping escort.

Fairway management plan: basis for shipping guidance Good preparation is required for every situation on the water. This requires coordination with the permit issuer, waterway manager, operator and any surrounding stakeholders. A waterway management plan is then drawn up. This contains all agreements, details and the division of tasks. This waterway management plan is the guideline for the implementation of shipping assistance.


Shipping assistance with a multifunctional vessel

The MRD Commander and the MRD Navigator are multifunctional vessels that can be used as patrol vessels and firefighting vessels. If the waterway is temporarily restricted due to certain circumstances, shipping assistance on site offers a solution. This also includes activities where safety must be guaranteed. With the MRD Commander or MRD Navigator you can easily carry out shipping guidance.

Specifications MRD Commander and MRD Navigator

If you are looking for a vessel for shipping assistance, then choose the MRD Commander or MRD Navigator. The specifications - which you will also find on the datasheets - are as follows:

Patrol/incident response vessel
Length: 24.12
Width: 6.25
Draft 2:10
Engine: 450 hp
Crane: Atlas 96.3E-A3L
Fire extinguishing capacity: 20,000 liters per minute
Casting length: 75 meters

Active shipping guidance

During shipping guidance, the traffic controller on board continuously monitors the supply of ships. Depending on the activities and the situation, this traffic controller can use the VHF radio to provide instructions and information to shipping. In the event of an emergency, the traffic controller maintains contact with a nearby lock, bridge or traffic control post. In this way there is optimal shipping guidance.

Shipping assistance and other maritime services

In addition to shipping assistance, MRD Marinesupport offers other services. We specialize in maritime services, incident response and prevention. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we can quickly resolve all water-related incidents.

Safety on the water

We have extensive knowledge of safety on the water. If an unexpected incident occurs, we anticipate this or carry out an emergency repair on the spot. We also have experience in oil and emergency response and salvage operations. In these activities we often work together with other organizations such as Rijkswaterstaat.


Incident response and prevention

If you work on a ship or terminal, you know that oil and other hazardous substances are always present. To protect employees and the environment, you naturally want to prevent incidents as much as possible. In the unlikely event that an incident does occur, it is useful to know how you can solve this. We provide training in incident response and pollution prevention.

Sell spill response articles

Innovation is of paramount importance to us. That is why we constantly monitor the latest developments and constantly adapt our products accordingly. You will find a wide range of spill response articles with us. From drip trays to oil booms and from spill kits to sweeping arms.

Questions about shipping assistance or our other services? Then contact us quickly.

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