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MRD Marinesupport exists five years today


MRD Marinesupport celebrates its fifth anniversary. And no, that's not an April 1 joke. It is exactly five years ago today that we registered our company with the Chamber of Commerce. Since then we have been able to carry out many beautiful assignments within the maritime sector. “I look back on the past period with gratitude and pride. Together we have built a wonderful company and have unburdened our customers with adequate solutions,” says founder Mark van der Meer.

“MRD Marinesupport could never have experienced such growth without his professionals.”


“One of the milestones of the past five years has been the purchase of the MRD-Hunter. A large all-round work vessel for soil investigation, port transport and the transport of heavy equipment. Also thanks to the MRD-Commander we received more and more assignments. This versatile ship is a patrol vessel, firefighting vessel and an icebreaker. The fleet has now been expanded with four more vessels,” says Mark.

“The assignments we carried out were varied. So we have a lot
engaged in soil research, transport work, salvaging ships, the plastic soup and we provided support for hydraulic engineering projects, such as crew tendering, shipping assistance and hoisting work. All of them beautiful jobs that we have committed ourselves to with great enthusiasm. MRD Marinesupport could never have experienced such growth without its professionals. They are driven, skilled and love to be on the water. We make a good team. Everyone is 100 percent committed to unburdening the customer.”

“We want to retain our clear, decisive character.”


Mark is also proud that MRD Marinesupport has developed into a family business: “My wife works at MRD and the second generation, my sons and a daughter-in-law, are also involved. Every now and then a few cousins also participate. Incidentally, we also see the skippers and other employees as family, because we have built up a long-term relationship with them.” “In the coming years we plan to modernize and expand our fleet. But not too much, because we want to retain our clear, decisive character. We will also think about solutions for the plastic soup. In this way we want to contribute to cleaner waterways.”

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